It's been a week since I've been back in the states, and I still don't feel fully adjusted. I miss England like crazy! I just keep thinking about how I can get myself back over there. I miss the green trees, the accents, the city, and my housemates. 

Arizona is hot, really hot. I had forgotten how miserable the summers can be here. I've managed to get my room unpacked and put everything away, but my days feel so long and boring here. 

I apologize for not posting the rest of the pictures from my trip, I will do it soon, I promise!

On a better note, I get my new car today! 


Edinburgh, Scotland Part I

(2 weeks ago)
Natali and I set off to Edinburgh, Scotland for one last trip before going back to the states. Although our over-night coach trip was slightly miserable, we had a lot of fun discovering the city. Coming from Arizona, we were in love with all the green! 

(Edinburgh Castle)


 Stay tuned for part II!

London Adventures

I'm posting some pictures from my last weeks in London. Natali came to visit and we tried showing her as much of the city as we possibly could, which resulted in very long jam-packed days; but nonetheless, we had a great time. 

 (Mr. Markham reading, hence why I like him.)

We had a great time soaking in the last moments in the city.