i wanttt

this guy, to cuddle with every night. 


here's one of my all time favorite songs. Sorry if you don't speak Spanish ha.


new year

and I'm soooo loving life right now. Seriously, life is great.


shout out

Shout out to my boys, because I've been jamming out to you all day longgg

excuse me

Is it Friday yet?? I'm already done with this week. I'm tired and have way too much homework. And all I want is a new Blackberry but T-Mobile decided to be super difficult about it! Why?! 
seriously all I want...


oh hi

Welcome to my Fall semester....
already have a ton of reading homework


class in the morning

and the roommate and I just got home, that's how we roll. Wish me luck getting up in the morning! ugh....


alll moved in

But far too lazy to post any pictures. No worries, I guarantee everything looks good! haha. I can't believe school starts tomorrow.... so not cool.
anyways, look what I found. Beatles + polaroids = wow


Loving it

I spray painted this beauty a while back, check out the before.
Then, I found this bomb picture here. Sorry its backwards, it says Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band! I love it!

Beatles Evolution

Hahahaha, I love it!


Antique Finds

Natali  and I always have the awesomest days together, I love it. We began the day with some Ikea shopping, continued by a quick drink stop at the lovely Boba cafe in Mesa, followed by some major antique shopping in Downtown Mesa. And yes, we did hit the jackpot today. 
My 3rd Polaroid camera, pure perfection! And only $10!

And since I am obsessed with Billy Joel, I had to get this record!! 

I think Natali and I are going for round 2 tomorrow!! 

Also, one of my good friends from high school got married today... I can't believe we're all growing up, it's scary! 


Summer Roundup

Just a few more days left of Summer, and I'm actually really excited for it to be over. I move in to my new apartment soon and finally going back "home" to Tempe. I loove it. Life's looking good! I do have to say though, that packing totally sucks, I'm so sick of it. And, not to mention, that I am beyond broke now. Apartment shopping is no good for me, I want everything! 

Oh, and a shout out to Madi Brown, since you confessed you stalked my blog! haha 

I'm loving this!


51 days and counting

I really missed you today. 


Errands with the girls

Yesterday was an errand-filled day. I brought my nieces along, and we pretty much hit every store in the Gilbert area. 
We jammed out in the new Corolla, or at least I did.
Of course, we had to hit up World Market, because the store is just too legit.
Laila had to find a way to entertain herself.

We found these babies at Target. I seriously considered buying them.
We ended up only doing 2 things on our to-do list that we set out with. Very typical of me. I did get a new coffee maker, a mixer, towels, a mini Buddha, mascara, hair ties, and the Toy Story penguin. I really need to stick with my shopping lists.

4 hours later

Bare with me folks, I'm not all that great with HTML, but what do you think of the new layout? And since I can't figure out how to link my comments, just keep the comment to yourself for now haha. Ugh this is hard.

My Dream

Is it sad I dream about owning one of these babies?