Memory Lane Pt. 2

I was responsible today and backed up my precious little Mac. You see, I've had very bad experiences before where I've lost everything on my computer. And I cried. Lots. So to prevent that from ever occurring again, I purchased an external hardrive long long ago. However, I always forget to do it. So it kind of defeats the purpose right?? 
Well I stumbled across it tonight and decided to do my good deed for the day and back it up. 
And I must say, I quite enjoyed looking through old files on it.  

Going back to 2009:

I took my sweet old time Senior year to take my Senior pictures. My hardcore senioritis took control and I could care less about taking them. Once I had decided it was time, it was hot. AZ summer time hot. So as my punishment for procrastinating, I had my photoshoot outside, in 100 degree weather. And as if the hotness wasn't going to already make me look ridiculous, bringing my best friends along definitely did the trick.
2 hours later, 3 outfit changes and 3 sweaty messes resulted in these beautiful jems.....
I'm so glad I will have these snaps to remember by senior year... maybe one day my kids will laugh at their ridiculous mother. 

Prom 2009:
The night you grow up hearing about, your senior prom. And I do have to say, that it was pretty epic. My girls and I set out to set the record for the cheapest prom apparel ever. 
30 dollars later, I was set for prom. 

 Best group photo ever.

And contrary to all the rumors that circulated after, no I did not get married that day. I wasn't quite thinking about my dress being white once I saw the $25 price tag.

I will hop back on recapping 2011! I got behind because of the holidays, but I am back in action. 


Looking back on old Facebook messages, High school notes, emails, you name it

Did you read the title of this post? 

That's how bored I've been lately. 

Nonetheless, I laughed, cried and cringed a ridiculous amount as I went through my stashes.

Here are some of my favorites:

-"Hey boo, I'm almost out of class, here are your 2 choices:

1. We run to Subway and go back to your dorm
2. Screw our hunger and see if we can go get a fight started with the Jesus and Atheist people protesting on campus 
Can we please do option #2, see you at the MU in 5!" 

My response: I'm already running to Subway, I'll meet you at the MU and we'll eat our subs as we evaluate their arguments, although my money is on the girl with the Free Hugs sign today!

-"We gotta go to this pizza place by my house, their Italian unibrows are amazing!" 

My response: You gotta stop using that AOLer translator, especially during your Honors class.... 

-"You're lucky tonight ended with delicious tacos, even though I still have no idea where we went. Were we in Phoenix? Can you not kidnap me in my own truck anymore though, I'm sure that's illegal somehow"

-"My teacher made me close my laptop because she suspected I was playing Farmville, will you harvest my corn crops in like 15 min?"                                                  
My response:.......you're kidding right?

"I'll bring you some ice cream after class?"
My response: Done. 

-Excerpt from Chelsea's thankful journal in 8th grade:         
"I am thankful for Maggie and that she called me a nerd because it means she is honest"                              
"I am thankful Maggie and I are good secret agents because it allows us to sneak up and push David"

-Maggie: What do you mean you couldn't hear anything? (I called someone during the Paul McCartney concert so they could join in on the magical night)
His response: Maggie, you were screaming the entire time, started crying and I'm pretty sure I heard you telling someone you loved them, no I didn't hear him! 

-"You've been reading way too much Edgar Allen Poe and watching WAY too much Dexter. I told my parents that if I'm found murdered to suspect you first"                               
My response: I watch Dexter, I know how to dispose of bodies correctly. Burnnnn.

The new timeline app on my facebook is really coming in handy! Good memories!


Looking back on February

February was a great month, I was living it up in England. School was keeping me exceptionally busy. However, on the weekends, I always made time to head into the city. 

I discovered the Tate Modern for the first time in February. I spent hours walking around aimlessly. 

I read Richard III on a bench outside of the Globe Theater. 

I went to go see Buckingham Palace for the first time. 

I experienced my first Super Bowl Sunday abroad. And I have to say, I actually really enjoyed it. Mind you, we had to stay up ridiculously late for the showing, but we still enjoyed it. 

Later on in the month, we had a week off from lectures. Taylor and I set off to an Eastern Europe adventure. 
We began our little trip in Budapest, Hungary. It was freezing and we didn't speak a lick of Hungarian, but we experienced some of the best spas in the world and ate delicious goulash. 

After our few days in Budapest, we headed off to Prague. Although getting there was quite the adventure. You see, we woke up the day of our departure only to find out it had snowed that night. And the brave souls that we are, we decided that walking to the bus station was a perfectly reasonable idea. It wasn't. We got lost, we treaded through miles of snow with our luggage and we missed our bus. But looking back on it now, it's hilarious and I can now say that I've treaded through snow in shady parts of Budapest. 

We stopped in Bratislava on the way to Prague. And even though we were scared of Eastern European Mafia members kidnapping us (I should probably stop watching so many freaky movies), we ran off the bus to take a quick picture. 

We arrived to Prague, and once again were welcomed with freakishly cold weather. But walking around town and soaking in all those Kafka bookstores was amazing. 

We had a blast discovering the 2 cities. After our week off, I headed back to Egham and started hitting the books hard. 

I also had my first Brick Lane experience, it was a memorable night. 

When I look back on February, I am reminded of all the new discoveries I made and things I got to experience for the first time. I am so grateful that I got to take part in all of it. It was such a good month!


Looking back on January

There are 12 days of December left, so for each day I will reminisce on the past 12 months. 


2011 began in quite a stressful matter. You see, I was headed out to London in 5 days, and none of my stuff was quite packed, my apartment wasn't moved out and cleaned, and I still was missing an abundance of items on my packing list. So for the first couple of days of 2011, I ran around town like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get everything together. 

My apartment looked like a bomb had gone off. 

On January 5th, my brother dropped me off at LAX and sent me on my way to the other side of the pond. 

I arrived with way too many bags in hand to 13 Hazel Close. There on the footsteps of our house, were the guys that would become my bffs. Mind you, they had just woken up and one of them had a neon blue mohawk....

I settled in to my new house, my new housemates were very quick in welcoming me and introducing me to all their friends. I quickly felt like I was right at home. 

I set off to Windsor Castle for the first time with the rest of the international students. 

(I also realized when I arrived to England, that I didn't have a blow dryer or straightner...hence the hair in the picture...)

My first day of classes at Royal Holloway was quite the nightmare, but I couldn't help but love every second of it. 

Later in the month, I met a guy, who happened to be from Gilbert and go to ASU.  We met up at Leicester Square and spent the whole day hanging out in London. 

Later that day, I also learned how small the world is, because on that same day, I ran into one of my best friends from Jr. High in London?!

I began learning the British lingo. Thankfully, I made friends who didn't mind me asking questions every 5 seconds to learn it. 

I learned how crazy the weather can be in England, and also to always always always appreciate and love every second of sunshine there is. 

Looking back, January was a great beginning to 2011. Even though it was a huge transition, looking back now, it was one of the best transitions I could have taken. I shall miss you January of 2011, but I can only hope January of 2012 will be just as great! 


Photo Time

Kalyn and I had this grand idea to make a photo backdrop in our front hallway at our house. We plan to hopefully have a Christmas party and use it......or just take a ridiculous amount of pictures by ourselves.
Either way, it will get a good use. 

This is Robin, my other lovely roommate! Which as of today, is the new proud home owner of our house!! 

Tuesday Happenings

Today was a long day.
I met with my staff today and we spent over 5 hours hashing out new plans for our site next semester. After 5 hours, we had amazing plans, sparkling clean classrooms and a killer appetite. We headed out to Pita Jungle for some grub and good times. I love working with such an awesome staff!

After work, I came home for some shopping time with the best friends. 
I had my first experience with Bass Pro Shop.
It's like Disneyland in there! 

See what I mean?? 

And even at our age we take ridiculous pictures in stores.

After my speechless experience, we hit up Toby Keith's restaurant. We quite enjoyed acting like cowboys and eating some good grub. 

I'm about ready to hit the sack after today, I hope your Tuesday was  good one!