Just In Case

Just in case you are in need of a giggle break (well, in my case hysterical laughing) here's my current favorite youtube video. I've watched it at least 20 times already, and I die laughing each time. We're huge Kyle fans in our household, but this video is by far his best work. 


Umm what essay?

I have a problem with procrastination. A very severe problem. It's 9 PM and my essay is due in less than 12 hours and I am writing this post, perfect. But seriously, I'm starting to think I'm just a "think under pressure" kind of girl. Yeah, I most definitely am. 
Random pictures from the past couple of weeks that I may or may not have stolen off facebook. 

 sometimes we ditch our men during Saturday football bbq for a nice romantic candlelit dinner....

yeah whatever, I'm short. 

obviously were great picture takers.

 our partners in crime as of late. 

 the boys really partying it up at the wedding....



Wing Night

I had a super long day at work/school, so it was nice to come home to these girls and go out to wing night. 

Even though I should have been reading, writing my papers, and doing work paperwork, oops. 


A Letter

Dear GRE,

You kinda suck. I don't remember high school math anymore, why would you include that in a test to get into Grad school? I thought we were over that... You took forever, and even though I had the pleasure of taking the 3 hour practice test in bed, cmon! I would appreciate it if you could somehow just get into my head, I was thinking maybe sleeping with the GRE book by my head every night. Do you mind just creepin on into my head? That would be greatly appreciated. Also, while you're at it, can you tell your brosheph GMAT to be nice to Taylor too, he doesn't remember high school math either. 

Disgruntled grad school applicant 



It's been a fantastic month. 


Sunday Funday

Sundays are the best in our household. 
We procrastinate our little hearts out by sitting on the couch with our bffs instead of doing homework.
We hate homework.

 my bffs are fantastic


House Happenings

We all have crazy schedules in this household, we hardly ever see each other, and if we do it's for a few minutes. So we finally set some time yesterday night to hang out, together. We hit up Bahama Bucks (10 min before they were closing, sorry guys!) and had some delicious shaved ice!


Home of the... Tacos?

We've been all over Europe, but you haven't traveled till you head down south to Mexico and have some delicious tacos, right??
(in the motherland)
(please note that I'm way tanner than Taylor, just so he'll give up on claiming otherwise)



We took off to Mexico for the long weekend for Taylor's delayed birthday present. 
We swam, tanned and ate tacos. A lot of tacos. And I loved it. Turns out it's awesome going to Mexico with your half Mexi (not really) bf. We sorta suck at documenting our lives though, so hopefully we can steals some pics from the weekend! I hope you all had an awesome Labor Day weekend!