Greece Bound

We take off to Greece tomorrow, excuse the lack of posts while I'm away getting my tan on! 
I'll be back next week with lots of pictures and an addition to our home. 
Natali is coming to visit!



I'm sorry I've been MIA lately, I don't really have an excuse, except my summer has officially started, so cue the laziness.

This past week was full of cooking, bowling, laser tagging and fun. I can pretty much make any type of pie now, legit. 

I spent the day in London on Saturday, we had some fun at the Clink Prison Museum, a bit creepy, but it was fun. We had plans to see Much Ado About Nothing that night at the Globe, but it was sold out. No offense to you London tourists, but not cool man. 

Besides that my weekend has been pretty uneventful, I've been stuck doing tons of loads of laundry, it's been a while, my bad. 

We leave to Greece on Thursday, so excited!!


I stole these photos

I uploaded the pictures from Elliot's camera and I ran into these beautiful pictures of our school, so I stole them. But I confessed, and he said I could use them as long as I gave him credit. So again, all of the following pictures were taken by Elliot!

Here's a peek at our beautiful campus, Royal Holloway!

Pretty huh? It's hard concentrating in here sometimes.

Sidenote: I completed Day 1 of Elliot's British cooking lessons. I rocked, the end.


London Fieldtrip

Yesterday, the guys and I took a trip to London for some picture taking. Although it ended up with just Elliot taking pictures, oops. So just fyi, all the following pictures were taken by Elliot, he told me to make sure I emphasized that.. haha. 

We started the day off with a nice lunch at the Rainforest Cafe. Glen was seriously disappointed, but either way we enjoyed the fake moving elephants and gorillas. 

Loving my face in this picture. I was having fun, I promise.

We headed down to Canary Wharf. 

Stud much, eh? 

We were evacuated out of the building for an apparent fire?? Btw, the building had the lamest fire alarm we've ever heard. 

Enjoyed some delicious Ben and Jerry's and Elliot captured me at my best...

And Glen

"Go pose awkwardly with that guy"-Elliot


Such an awkward encounter... hi random man.

Taught the guys a little something about the hood... see how good I am?

We spent a long time sitting at this table judging the pigeons everywhere and making fun of the cocaine junkie looking one... don't ask, we have too much free time.

I'm starting my cooking lessons with Elliot tonight. First on the menu is fish pie, wish me luck! 


Sunday Funday

You know those mornings when you incorporate your alarm into your dream? I had one of those today, oops. It went nicely with my dream about Lady Gaga though.... Our TV remote doesn't work which means we've spent hours watching VIVA (The UK version of MTV), which results in dreams about Lady Gaga, don't judge me.

Elliot and I are spending our night making madelines, or at least attempting to. We don't have an electrical mixer, but thankfully I have some nice guns to take care of this problem. Wish us luck!

We're off to London tomorrow for a photo trip!


Hampton Court Palace

Did everyone else freak out when blogger wasn't working? I did, scary.

We headed out to Hampton Court Palace yesterday, it was quite a trek. We mastered the trains, even though Taylor ended up with a ticket fine.... haha I'm sorry I just announced that. 

Hampton Court was beautiful, it was a semi-cloudy day, so it was nice to spend some time indoors and outdoors. We spent the sunny portion out getting lost in the maze there and enjoying the gardens. The inside of the palace was beautiful, and it was awesome learning more about the Tudors. 

Please check out Taylor's awesome mustache.

Taylor really catches me at my best...

So artsy.

After a long train ride, we came back to my house and enjoyed a nice Mexican meal. Mom, you would be proud. It was delicious. 

This morning after a wonderful breakfast, (that I made, I know, I'm officially a woman, I cook) we had a nice trip to Windsor Park, even though it was cut short because it started raining. We came back, and once again, enjoyed some dinner and brownies, both cooked by me. (Don't mind my emphasis on the cooking, but if you knew me, you'd know that Maggie cooking is a HUGE deal.)

Elliot is teaching me how to cook English food this week. It should be pretty interesting. But maybe if you're lucky, once I make my way home, I'll cook you some proper British food. 

And on Friday we're finally making our trip to Thorpe Park! I'm pumped!