My room is chaotic right now! It's filled with tons of boxes, I'm even beginning to invade the rest of the house. I took the first load over to the apartment today! Our kitchen is looking goood! 

And since when do we have Florida-like humidity? It's so sticky and gross outside.



I spend a lot of my time crafting. But always forget to take pictures of before and after. It's a serious problem. I found a few pictures though of the finished results. I need to gather up all the things I've made and take more pictures. Enjoy!
Here's a few frames I bought in the dollar section at Target. I Modgepodged the first 2 with some scrapbooking paper and added some cute buttons! Very easy craft!

This is a sheet of metal that I bought at Home Depot, the man there was nice enough to cut in in half so even though they are not supposed to. I used scrapbook paper to modgepodge it and bought a cute stand for it at Hobby Lobby. I glued magnets to some cute buttons and voila! 

Let's Play Catch Up

Okay, so I'm really horrible at remembering to take a camera everywhere and take pictures and far too lazy to upload them then post them. Ironic much? I mean I did spend 2 years in school for photography and ran my own photo business? hmmm? Anyways, so I gave in tonight an uploaded pictures that are far too old. So let's play catch up.

February 2009
I had the opportunity to see President Obama in person when he came to Arizona. Mind you, we did have to camp out for an entire night and day for the tickets, but the experience was far worth it. Now, I know it doesn't get very cold here in Arizona, but to us Arizonians a Winter night is VERY cold. My nieces, best friend, and I camped out in chairs all night for tickets. It was freezing and uncomfortable, but the environment we were in was beautiful! Complete strangers where sharing dinners, hot chocolate, singing in unison. It was an amazing experience. It was definitely something I will remember for the rest of my life, and an experience that will be great to share with my future kids and grandkids. It felt amazing to be a part of history.
Ewww please don't mind how attractive I look, I had to sleep there alright?!

This is us after receiving our tickets!
Sadly, I don't have any pictures of the actual speech, I was far too enthralled in the situation and bewildered that I was only a few feet away from the President of the United States.
We did have awesome entertainment during our wait to get into the building. 
I loved this guy, he spent the whole time rapping about Obama and had some awesome lyrics.

We cheered protestors on and witnessed things that will forever stay engraved in my mind.
This was by far one of the coolest experiences of my life!

It Rained!

If you live in Arizona, I'm sure you share the same excitement with me, seeing as we see very little rain here. But it actually rained today!! It was beautiful! So of course, Alec and I had to document it.


Silly Dan Brown

I just finished reading The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown. Total disappointment. Although the book did spark some interest, the plot is just killer. Really Dan Brown? You can think of a new plot? Robert Langdon is on his way to lecture, then he ends up in the middle of a national security dilemma, and the only way to help is to solve some ancient mystery, and then he gets involved with the a woman who is there to help solve the mystery... Sounds familiar Dan Brown. It's getting REALLY old.

There's a reason why I stick with classic literature, you just can't compete. 


Wanna know why I love Walmart?
Beatles V-Neck $7.00!!! Dreams do come true folks.


Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday Mom! You are the greatest thing in my life. I would not be the woman I am today without you. You are such an independent strong woman, I look up to you so much. Thanks for teaching me to be great woman. I love you!

New York Countdown!!

Thanks to my impulsive decision making, I'm going to New York City! It's going to be a girls trip and I am beyond excited! 

Only 107 days left!

November, hurry up already!


Dear Lost,
You have got me addicted to you. I don't appreciate it, I've spent years making fun of you, and now I've become a Lost addict. I spend most of my day watching you. I'm pretty sure I have got you figured out, thanks to my English wisdom and my analyzing skills. As much as I want to get to the final season, what am I going to do once it's over? 

Lost Addict

hahaha too funny!

I know it has been too long

It's summer though, and I finally finished summer school which means, FREE TIME! I'm kind of ashamed to say that I've spent it all watching Lost. Dumb show has me hooked! 

I've also been kicking back and reading, a lot! 

And folks, it's time to move out... again. It feels like I just finished unpacking, and now it's time to pack it all up again. I've been doing some last minute shopping, I guarantee you my room is gonna be off the hook!! Did I really just say that? Well, I'm more than excited to move out into my own apartment, it's going to be a blast! 

Also, check out this bad boy Jake sent me for my birthday! hahaha 
His companion drew me a lovely dinosaur for my birthday haha! I also got some flowers sent to my house! Love that kid! 



I'm still alive

Just far too busy and tired to post anything new.