Jake made me do it

I've been taking pictures again, weird.


Why is this the only thing I can think about lately?



In the Middle

I'm stuck, right in the middle. Can't go back and definitely can't move on.



This Weekend

This weekend was full of crafting.I had to make some awards for my kiddos at work.
Also, I added some new shoes to my collection
$80 Steve Madden Oxfords, except I paid $8.50!! Ya baby, I love Ross!!
I had to hold down the fort this weekend since my parents were out of town. Had a blast! lol Had a movie night, crafted, did laundry. Great weekend!


You Say It's Your Birthday!

Well fourteen years ago our family hurried to turn our taxes in on this day, oh and Natali was born. 
Its been a blast and I wish I was at home so I could post some of the awesome pics I have of her haha.

Love you lady! 


J.Crew I Hate You

You have such beautiful clothing but you're sooo expensive. Why?!

AHHHH seriously?!



Starts tomorrow!
Oh and I leave you with this



You're probably annoyed by my obsession with this man, but I don't care.
This almost made me want to stop eating meat, too bad I'm a hardcore carnivore.

To the future



me too.


I would love waking up to this every morning.

100% true.

I dig it.

My favorite man and my favorite camera, okay?!

Love him.


About Me

I'm young and still figuring out this whole life thing; including all the ups and downs life brings us. I live in the moment and make the most amazingly horrible last minute decisions. Luckily, it is how I've learned a lot of life lessons. I live by the words of great authors and the words of The Beatles. I go to school to over analyze texts and make myself question life even more; and I love every second of it. I'm working to someday teach your kids about literature and the beauty of words.

I recently made the move to the UK to attend Royal Holloway University of London and study English Literature. 

My blog is simply a chronicle of my life and the amazing things I'm taking part in as I grow up. It's filled with my memories, lessons and everything in between. 


Today's Beauties

Daaaannng. Maybe I should start watching the Jets.

I want everything in this picture! Except switch out the dog for a bulldog!