I need to tell you about my Spring Break in Provo, but I'm much too lazy and tired. 
So I'll do it later. 


Currently digging this

I love this man and his music
And Phoenix

Johnny Cash
They've been playing on my ipod non stop

New Do

While I am in Utah, I'm going to have KaLyn cut my hair! Since she's now in cosmo school :) Gotta love that!
I'm thinking this:

Loving this

Frikin love him

Spring Break

Finally a break from school! 
I made a last minute decision to go to Utah, I leave tomorrow night. 
I'm so excited to see my loves! 

I'll probably have a lot of free time there, since Mel still has school this week lol. So I'll keep you guys posted.

For reals? I might end up moving.


New Goal

I was sitting in my english lit class today, and I realized how annoying it is to say "like". 
I sat and listened to the 53 "likes" a girl said in my class today. "The book is like really good umm but like I don't think Morrison meant for us to like idk like get it" Holy annoying.
So, my new goal is to not ever say like. Unless I am referring to a simile or using it in correct grammar form. 

K, thanks.


Wish List

Will someone please buy me this?!
or this?

and this?

This shop is pure beauty!

The French do it best

Umm look what I found?! 
It's a vintage photo booth. The sites in french, so I'm sorry if you can't understand it. I on the other hand, am very glad my year of french in high school is finally paying off.

Happy lists make me happy

I've noticed that if I'm having a bad day making happy lists make me happy.
Today wasn't a bad day, but I still want to make one.

1. Having unexpected visitors at my dorm. Except annoying people.
2. Shopping days to reward my hard studying
3. Urbanoutfitters.com, mostly the sales section though.
4. Going to Hobby Lobby, without breaking any vases.
5. 16 & Pregnant nights with my roomates, along with chocolate covered strawberries.
6. Nutella and banana sandwiches. SO legit.
7. Kingsley, you would understand if you knew me.
8. The Office and all the "that's what she said" jokes.
9. Craigslist, especially the free section. ITS FREE!
10. The street view on googlemaps! That thing is legit. 

Random Tuesday Happenings

Our Panda Express fundraiser was a success! We stalked people and managed to give out all our flyers. 
Then I rewarded myself with some Urban Outfitters shopping... oops
But it's gorgeous, and I deserved it, so there. 

Oh, and Jordan and I are obsessed with other people's unplanned pregnancy. So much that we have 16 & Pregnant nights. It's awesome.


Making a wish list while I should be studying

My brain hurts from too much studying.
So I'm gonna make a wish list instead.
I don't care if it is above 100 for about 3/4 of the year, I still want a coat hanger!

A cool looking couch.

This frikin headboard!!

One of these babies. 

For my Diana.

And a huge crapload of this!!!
And of course number one on my list forever and always.

If only I was rich.

My Bro

This is my brother.
The guy that made me fall in love with literature.


I was sitting in class today, and out of no where I started thinking about my summer in France. I miss it. I want to go back. Luckily, I took some amazing pictures to remember it by.

 It was a good summer. 


Late Night Decorating

So, I haven't even moved into my new apartment, and I'm already obsessed with decorating it...
I'm trying to decide what to put in the main wall in my room.
Here are my options:

this combo?

or this?

or possibly this?
they will all be on canvas.
This is hard!

Paul McCartney

The day is coming. I will finally get to witness a Beatle live!!
Natali and I are going to see Paul McCartney in concert the 28th.

While we're on the subject. I want a boy to make a song for me.

Oh Yoko
In the middle of the night
In the middle of the night I call your name
Oh Yoko, oh Yoko, my love will turn you on 

New Addition

Thanks to Hobby Lobby and a can of sea green spray paint, I know have a new jewelry stand!
On the other hand, I'm stumped on the renovation of my dresser. I cannot make up my mind.
I have this Hemnes dresser from Ikea. But it's too plain. So I'm renovating it. 
I would love it in this color.
What I can't decide is with what print?!

Help me?!



I'm really good at faking that I'm ok.


Here's to Happiness

Because life feels like it's falling apart....

Things that make me happy
1. The feeling you get after finishing an amazing book
2. Surprise hugs
3. My family's support
4. Having a sense of understanding
5. The moments you begin to realize, everything will be okay
6. Listening to The Beatles
7. Sitting in complete silence with someone you love, and it's not awkward. 
8. Discussions in my literature classes.
9. Getting letters from Granger.
10. James Daniel DeGracie