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You've Got Mail

It was a looong week.
But it's all better now, I got my first letters today!


Memory Lane

Had a great ride on memory lane tonight haha. Read a bunch of old messages from former boyfriends, best friends, and more friends. My oh my, I've learned and changed a lot from my freshmen year of high school, thank goodness. It's great to look back though and remember all the good times and the not so great times.

I'm also really loving this whole writing letters thing. I feel so sophisticated writing letters. They are so much better than e-mails! I feel like I get to work on my writing as well and not have a stupid spell check tell me how to write. 
Life feels really great right now, no joke. I'm doing amazing all by my lonesome self. And very optimistic about the next couple of months! 



Yes, it was half off day at Goodwill today. My favorite day! I found some awesome stuff, so I thought I would share.
I've been wanting to read this for a while.

Great book, sucky movie.

I've been eyeballing this book every time I go into Starbucks!

And of course, another picture frame for my vast collection that will look amazing after a spray paint job!


Last Day

Monday was my last day with Jake, and 5 min before we were about to say bye he began taking pictures, like a lot of pictures. But since he's not very good at holding a camera to take pictures of us, I'm only putting 2 up :) 
I love that we're both wearing our favorite shirts ever, it makes the picture a million times better! 



This was delivered to my house today, it's from Jake. The note inside said, "You will always be surrounded by the strength of my love" Yes, I cried. 
I love it Jake, thanks :)

Elder DeGracie

Jake reports to the MTC tomorrow morning, crazy. We spent our last day together on Monday, and it was perfect. We finished up some errands and got him all packed up to go. I'm so proud of him and even though I'm missing him like crazy already, I'm so proud and happy for him. He'll be serving in the Chile Concepcion South Mission and will be learning to speak spanish! Which I'm super excited about! 

So Elder DeGracie, I love you and wish you the best of luck. I'll be here waiting to see you again, see you in two years. 


Current Complaints

1. My feet hurt! Standing around and working hurt my feet!
2. I have tons of homework thats due tomorrow, and I'm not very far.
3. I still have to finish my secret project I'm working on.
4. I still have a crapload of stuff to get for the new apartment.
5. I need money.

Ok, I feel much better now.


Breaking Habits

How do I break out of this daily habit?


The Week

It's "the week", Jake leaves in a week and no one mentioned how hard it was going to be. I'm crazy happy one second and next thing I know I'm in tears, please help me!


Loving this

This past week I was lucky enough to find some great book deals. I picked up an American Poetry book and a Robert Frost poetry book all for 50 cents. Love it. 
 Here's one of my favorites:

The Past
by Ralph Waldo Emerson

The debt is paid,
The verdict said,
The Furies laid,
The plague is stayed.
All fortunes made;
Turn the key and bolt the door,
Sweet is death forevermore.
Nor haughty hope, nor swart chagrin,
Nor murdering hate, can enter in.
All is now secure and fast;
Not the gods can shake the Past;
Flies-to the adamantine door
Bolted down forevermore.
None can re├źnter there,—
No thief so politic,
No Satan with a royal trick
Steal in by window, chink, or hole,
To bind or unbind, add what lacked,
Insert a leaf, or forge a name,
New-face or finish what is packed,
Alter or mend eternal Fact.


Birthday Wish

Next month is my birthday.
And all I want is some of these babies.
Preeeety pleeeease?

It's True Folks

Julie, Alec, and I are planning our spring break '11 trip. 
Here's a sneak peek:


New Job

Yes, it's okay to be jealous.

My goal

Even though it is May already, I have decided that this year's resolution for myself is to start writing. Being an English major puts a lot of stress on me though, I feel like I'm supposed to know how to write beautiful things. But I can't. So my goal is to write, everyday. Even if its random ramblings about my day. It is my goal to make my word vomit into beautiful sentences. Gosh, that sounded so bad. I suck at writing.