"The" Story

The other day I was re-reading old posts from the past couple of months, just reminiscing about London and all those good times when I noticed something pretty important....

All of a sudden there's all these references and comments about some kid named Taylor, I just threw his name out there plain and simple, but never even explained who this mystery man was. And I realized it would suck to look back on this blog and not have any mention on how this fantastic guy came about. 

So I'm telling our story. 

"That's so sappy and corny Maggie".
Trust me I know, and if you know me, you know this ain't my style. But I gotta do it for those times that I re- read these posts to reminisce about the past and be able to get a huge smile on my face as I'm reading it. 

So I apologize in advance for going all Nicholas Sparks on you guys, but perhaps you'll find it cute and awesome and maybe get some aww's in there, then you'll go off to London and meet the man of your dreams too! Or maybe realize that he's actually right next to you and you just needed some aww's to realize it. So either way, I hope it makes you realize that sometimes you find love in completely unexpected places and at unexpected times, but sometimes it's exactly how it's supposed to happen.

Every Story has a Beginning

December 4th was probably one of the craziest days of my life, it was an up and down roller coaster the entire day.  My flight to London left early the next morning, and none of my stuff was packed, and there were about a million things (at least it felt like it) I had to do before I had to leave. I had spent a vast majority of the day at the bank arguing with them about my money wire that was due that day for my new house in London, I started getting some major cold feet about the whole thing, and not to mention, my stuff was EVERYWHERE. So I drove around town that day buying some last minute things while hoping my money was going to make it over seas on time, so I could have some sort of home to arrive to in London. I made one last quick stop at Name Brand, a local store we have here in Mesa, sort of like Buffalo Exchange. I had cleaned out my entire closet and took all the unwanted stuff with me in hopes that I could make some last minute extra cash before the big shibang. I wanted this to be a quick stop, in and out with hopefully some cash in hand. So it came as a huge surprise to run into somebody from high school as I was getting in, I was so terrified/excited/nervous/anxious the entire day that small talk wasn't really on my agenda for the day, but nonetheless we talked. She had been an old high school friend and as we caught each other up on our lives, London came up and luckily for me, her older brother had just moved to London a couple of days before. Now to be completely honest (no offense Taylor!), this news didn't even phase me as she was telling me, there were about a million other things I was thinking about at the moment and finding my true love in London wasn't really one of them (well kinda, but I figured it was more of a huge fantasy than an actual reality). Nonetheless, we said goodbye and off we went in our own separate ways, I managed to get my money over to London and had a home when I arrived and somehow managed to pack my entire belongings in 3 suitcases (I youtubed the best ways to pack, saved my life!!) and the next day I set out for what would become the best decision/trip/experience of my life. And little did I know this random encounter would be the start of it all....

Cue suspense here because I'm totally leaving you guys hanging....

I'm doing this chapter style, sorry!


Happy Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to this man.

My sea captain boyfriend.

My world traveling buddy.

My book hunting partner.

My future business man.

My London buddy.
My study buddy.
My documentary watching go-to man.
My future bff for all eternity.
And the only guy that will eat all my horrific experimental recipes that I make for him. 

I love you and I'm so excited for what's to come.

Happy birthday!


Day Trip

Taylor finally came home from Alaska! Longest summer of my life. So we celebrated with a very special day trip to Payson for some "fishing", although we failed miserably. But it was nice to get out of the heat and finally spend some time with my sea captain bf. 
(These pictures are after he shaved his gnarly captain beard, I'm sad I didn't get a picture with it.)

Such a perfect day!

Catch Up

It's been a looong time folks, I apologize. We moved into our new house and hadn't set up our internet, therefore we were disconnected from the world. I've never realized how much we actually depend on the internet, scary. The crazy semester has begun, I can't say that I'm too excited, it's already been a long week. I've been in and out meetings all week for work getting everything ready for the semester, although I am excited to see all my new kids! And the only thing that got me through the first day of school was thinking it was my LAST first day of college, it was exciting. It definitely has been weird re-adjusting to American classes tho, they're easy peasy. Although, this weather is killing around campus, it's way too hot. 

It was a little sad to see the summer end, I'm going to miss the lazy summer days. It will also be my last complete summer in AZ for a while, but I am very excited for the upcoming years! 

I hope everyone's summer was fantastic and you all have an awesome new school year! 



I've really been riding the struggle bus lately with this blog, my apologies. 
Here's the recap:
Summer school sucks. 
We're moving into our new casa this weekend, holla. 
And throwing BBQ's like no ones business in our fly backyard, seriously, thing is legit. Pool partiesss.
And having the bf live down the road = some sweet homemade dinners, cooked by him of course. 
Also, moving really kinda sucks tho. I despise packing.
Only 13 more days left of summer and the semesters from hell begin.
But, it's also my last first day of college, legit eh?

I hope you're all enjoying the rest of your summer!