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could not have said it better myself. Loving this song. 

just ignore the fact that Jason Mraz looks like Sideshow Bob....


100 Part Dos

I came across an old blog post from 2 years ago, and thought I would give it another go. It was quite interesting to see the changes in my thoughts and the things about me. I challenge you to do the same, record 100 facts/thoughts/feelings about yourself. You'll realize that there's a lot to learn about yourself that sometimes you're not even aware of. 

1. I'm still a huge procrastinator. I fully expect that to never change, and I'm okay with that. 
2. Over the past 2 years, I've learned hundreds of new ways of procrastinating, holla!
3. My friends are all getting married. They're dropping like flies.
4. I on the other hand, don't even have a social life. 70+ hr. work weeks, holla!
5. I quite enjoy working myself to the ground, it makes me feel achieved and legit.
6. 2 years ago, I had just begun working with America Reads. Now, I'm a Site Supervisor and still loving every second of my job. 
7. I am no longer crammed in a dorm, but instead living in a quite beautiful house with some friends. 
8. I expanded my cooking knowledge. I'm no longer constricted to just a microwave. Thank you Jamie Oliver!
9. I used to despise any and every domestic house chore. Now, I only despise cleaning, laundry, vacuuming and dusting. I guess not much has changed....Except I dig cooking now. 
10. I currently really dig cooking. Who would have ever guessed? 
11. I recently purchased a new 8" Chef Knife. It was the highlight of my month. Sad? Heck no. 
12. I've explored new parts of the world, and have hung on to every memory of my trips. 
13. So much, that I speak in British accent pretty frequently. As in, everyday....
14. I'm obsessed with everything British. 
15. My current Netflix addiction is Downton Abbey. Sooo good (Sophia Grace and Rosie reference)
16. 2 years later, still obsessed with The Office, there's probably not a day that I don't watch at least 1 episode...
17. Still obsessed with Nutella, obvi. Too legit to quit. 
18. RIP Grandpa Louise and Delilah (my bikes that were stolen on campus)
19. I beat my shopping obsession. Now, it's actually pretty hard to get me to go to the mall. Wtf happened?? Oh yeah, I'm a poor college student.
20. I hardly ever eat cereal now. Wow, I am growing up....
21. Netflix= my true love. 
22. I'm a senior in college and still suffering from high school senioritis, oops.
23. I'm terrified of graduating, yeah I said it. Graduating= real life. No, thank you.
24. Real life is scary. 
25. Confession, I still thoroughly enjoy watching stupid tv shows. Sue me.
26. I'm on the market for a new mattress. Mattress shopping is hard! 
27. Not to mention expensive.
28. I'm still as indecisive as a 16 year old girl in love. Lame sauce. 
29. When will I grow out of that? Ideas?
30. This is way harder than I thought, and I still have 20 to go..
31. I've been doing the Insanity workout. I hate everything about it. 
32. Slight exaggeration. The muscles in my body hate Insanity. I'm bleh about it.
33. Politics still make me very angry. Booooo.
34. I still hate doing dishes. 
35. But have somehow managed keeping a really clean house. Thank you roommates.
36. I'm no longer an English Lit major. I changed to Nonprofit Leadership Management. That's a mouthful, trust me. 
37. I don't like when people ask me what I'm studying. See post above.
38. I really dig my new major.
39. I plan on pursuing a career with non-profit agencies and organizations around the world.
40. I currently intern for the Make-A-Wish foundation. 
41. Blah blah blah.
42. Blah blah blah.
43. I still very much enjoy reading; however, it's harder to find time now.
44. I'm currently reading The Golden Notebook because an old teacher told me I had to read it to become a woman. 
45. I have not become a woman yet because I can't get through the dang book! I do not like it. 
46. I still can't concentrate even at 21(almost) years old.
47. I already lost interest in this.
48. I'm going to have to repeat history.
49. I will not finish this, I can't think of 50 more.
50. Doneso. 


Biggest Life Update

Excuse the long absence, I had been put away in an office and working way too much! But for now, I am free for a month and it's time to blog again! 

Enjoy my life recap for the past couple of months in pictures.