Egham Adventures: LA Edition

Elliot arrived on Tuesday, and much to my delight, his arrival included a trip for me to LA. After a brief scare at the airport where I thought I had lost him, we had a grand trip around LA!
( Don't mind the poster....it's an inside joke...)

Egham Adventures: Mesa Edition

Look who made their way across the pond to good ol' AZ. 

It's been a busy week so far. We've managed to cross off LA, Grand Canyon and Sedona off his bucket list so far. And eating massive amounts of food. We are looking forward to another week with this Brit, we have lots in store for him!


The British are Coming

Finally, something blog worthy happening in my life.

This crazy Brit boy will be touching down in good ol' America on Tuesday and will be partying it up with me for 2 whole weeks!
bffls reunited!

I have tons of fun filled activities during his stay. All which I'm hoping we'll be blog worthy and be able to spice this baby back up. 



It's embarrassing how bad of a blogger I've been lately....
Lets hope I don't continue this rut. 

I really wish I had some rad pictures of all the rad things I've been doing lately, but in all honesty.....I've been locked away in a cubicle all day.

Minus the tiny cubicle part.... I do have to say that I absolutely LOVE my internship. Now I realize that in most cases, you don't get love and internship in the same sentence... but with my sweet set up, I have no complaints. 

Let me back up. 
For those of you that aren't currently living in my brain or in a close vicinity to me.... I am currently interning for the City of Phoenix. 
Ready for the huge long explanation of my position that a very low number of you will even read?
I work under the Community and Economic Development department at City Hall. 
Even more specifically, I work under the International Relations Sector.
Even more specifically, I work under the non-profit, Phoenix Sister Cities.
Even MORE specifically, I specialize in the youth and education programs we provide.
Bored to death yet?

In short, my internship allows me to work with coordinating and implementing youth and education programs on an international level. 
So pretty much my all time dream job. 
Although I have been working insane hours lately, and sometimes I come home and pass out half laying on my bed, I could not be happier with my position. 
I am gaining an incredible amount of experience in the field that I'm so passionate about.
Plus, I am meeting some of the most genuine hard workers out in my field, and I'm loving every second of it!

I also can't complain about this view I get from our conference room....