You know that knot you get in your throat when you're trying to talk but can't because if you say one word it all becomes real? I hate that.

You know when you can't even put your thoughts into words because your thoughts sometimes don't even make sense to you? I hate that.

You know that feeling that you get when someone is trying to comfort you and you just want to scream? I hate that.

I hate this.


Snow Trip 09

We took our 2nd annual trip to Flagstaff! We were better prepared this time, so we didn't suffer as much. It was a blast even though we had several injuries :/ 


Pitcha Time

We finally set some time aside to document our friendship.

this is by far my favorite!!

sorry for the crappy photo quality :/ 


Hey world, these are my friends.


Just one of those nights

I am definitely having one of those nights when sleeping seems impossible. 

I have so much on my mind, I can't stop it.

It seems amazing to me to think about the infinite things that there are to think about. Thoughts have no end. Sometimes I think it is not normal to question everything or to think so deeply about even the simplest things in life. But how can you not? 

When I have these nights, I turn to books. Literature has this fervent power over me. I absolutely love it. 

I love being able to indulge in someone else's world. A world created by the endless connections of words. I love being able to set your own world aside and experience another, which you never thought possible. Literature has this power to heal. To heal your soul when it is hurt, preoccupied, angry, and falling apart. 

Words have the power to create and destroy a world at the same time. Why don't people find that fascinating?! It all boils down to the author. Authors have the power to create a masterpiece. A masterpiece capable of joining forces together, destroying countries, or reuniting a world in chaos.

I wish I had that power.

This is insomnia at its finest.



Sometimes, all you need is a picture to make you smile.

Good Reading

My favorite thing about winter break: Finally being able to just sit back, relax and READ. Read books for my enjoyment, not textbooks. It's amazing.

Please read this before the movie comes out and completely ruins it.

I was told in order to fully grow up, I must read this. So let the growing up begin.


Santa dropped some stuff off

Need I say more?

Oh Diana! The new edition added to my collection. Love it. Thanks Jake :)

All in all a good christmas. Filled with family and some wii playing.


Reunited and it feels so good

Everything has its beginning

Lets begin this much needed embarkment



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