i missed you man, glad to have you back in my life



After 2 years, my bff is home!!
and he's still as weird as can be.
love it.


tonight's gonna be a good good night

First off, world, my bff flappio is home. Yes, life is VERY good right now! I missed that kid like crazy and it's so good to have him home again!

Secondly, it's game day! Chris and I are going to the Oregon game tonight to cheer on the Ducks and I am pumped! Gotta do my cheering on Jake's behalf.

And paperwork hell is coming along, sorta...

But who cares, tonight all I care about are my Ducks!


week from hell

can you please leave, I know you'll be back next week... but seriously, you are KILLING me! Take your acceptance essays, scholarship essays, English and Spanish essays with you please. And while you're at it, do all my reading that is suppose to be done, got it? 


london babyyyyy

no worries folks, I once again made a spontaneous decision, and will now be attending Royal Holloway University of London next semester. what??? yes, it's true. Although, I still have to survive this week of paperwork hell. Wish me luck.

In the mean time, these pictures will keep me motivated. gahhhh


anonymous letter

Stay out of it. Go live YOUR life and let me live MY life. Stop trying to push my buttons, and keep your ignorant comments to yourself. I'm a grown up now, I don't need you to hold my hand and tell me what to do. I am so sorry I am not living up to your cookie cutter expectations. I am human, I make mistakes. In fact, I want to make mistakes, so I can learn from them. You should try it sometimes. So let me be.

Sorry folks, I just really needed to get that out of my system. 





I swear, you are so complicated. I hate it.

it's called classic literature


Dear friend

I miss our book conversations everyday.
I miss our trips to Barnes and Noble on the weekends.
I miss our Walmart trips at midnight.
I miss our monthly Pita Jungle dinners.
I miss our constant arguing.
I miss your constant teasing.
I miss our attempts at having a French conversation.
I just miss you!

the format

i miss you guys


Welcome to my life

it's going quite swell



Love you man.


personal therapist

are you in a pickle? having boy drama? or just need someone to vent to? 
I'm now willing to share my personal therapist. she's great. provides awesome wisdom at her ripe age of 14. and no worries if you live far, she can zoom on over.

hahaha love you girl.