Brick Lane

Saturday night Taylor and I experienced some amazing curry from Brick Lane. We've been told it's the best place to find curry, and boy were they right. We ate at Aladin, ranked as the best curry by Prince Charles himself. So of course we took his word and went to try it out. Well Prince Charles seems to know what he's talking about, because our meal was delicious. Even though we had absolutely no idea what we had ordered, it was amazing! And even though my mouth was on fire, I enjoyed every single bite. 

Also, I've realized some significant differences between British people and Americans. Saturday, we decided to check out the National History Museum. Much to our surprise, the line to get in was ridiculously long. It took us over an hour of waiting in line only to finally get inside and be surprised by the massive amounts of people. And I told Taylor, "only the British would stand in line for over an hour just to visit a museum." That would be unheard of in the US. But, that's why I love it here. Because everyone here is a museum junkie, and they make me feel right at home. 

Alright, well I'm off to work on my Shakespeare adaptation presentation. It involves me watching numerous Macbeth adaptations, woohoo. 

Taylor and I are off to Stonehenge and Bath this weekend, stay tuned for details! 


typical uni day

Founder's library and I have become bffs. But the kind of bff that I like. The library is beautiful inside and at times I get distracted with the awesome scenery inside. Not to mention the unbelievable amounts of amazing books there. Sorry, the pictures suck, but I was getting weird looks from all the studious people in there while my ipod was making ridiculously loud shutter noises.

Out for a Run

Since coming to England, the crappy weather has gotten the best of me, and made me extremely lazy. Anytime I get even the slightest motivation to work out, all it takes is a single look out the window for it to instantly vanish. But, yesterday, I decided my laziness had to end. And I forced myself to go for a run. And boy was it epic. First, because I discovered how BEAUTIFUL Egham is and that I've been seriously missing out. Second, I got extremely lost and wandered around for a while until I found my way home. Anyways, I managed to score a couple of shots on my ipod while running, they're not the best quality but they will do. 
Apparently, there's an Air Force Memorial down the road. Who knew??



Wednesday was quite a stressful day. We left early in the morning to catch our bus to Prague. And after a long, cold walk across town, we managed to miss it. So we spent several hours thawing out and killing time in a McDonald's. I have never been more grateful and happy to see a McDonald's in my life. We caught the afternoon bus to Prague and arrived that night. Our bus had a stop in Bratislava and we were pretty excited to say that we had been to Slovakia as well, even if it was only for a little.

On Thursday, we walked around the city. We started our tour with the Castle and visited the grounds.

We lucked out and found an awesome restaurant with cheap delicious food. We loved it so much we went back the next day. 
On Friday, we finished our touring with some more walking around town. We visited the famous astronomical clock and had a nice long walk through the streets. 

It was hard coming back to London, it was so nice having a break from school. I was however glad to be coming back to "warmer" weather, which is really weird for me to say. I'm now considering London weather as "warm weather", weird. It was also weird thinking of Egham as "home". School will be a struggle this week. I have a long paper due, but I keep reminding myself that I only have 3 weeks of school left till my long-month break. Awesome. 


This week I was lucky enough to get a week off from school. It was greatly needed, and it was very nice getting a week to relax away from the books. I took off to Budapest on Sunday with Taylor. After a long day of travel we arrived in Budapest. The weather was definitely a challenge. My Arizona-self has yet to adjust to the cold weather. I must say however, that it was completely worth it. Budapest was absolutely beautiful! It's a gorgeous city filled with lots to see and enjoy. We enjoyed some delicious Hungarian food and had an amazing time. 

We began our tour of the city on Monday. We walked along the Danube River and crossed the Chain Bridge over to Buda to enjoy the castle. 

After touring the castle grounds, we explored the rest of the Buda side.

It was by far the best Valentine's day I've had.

On Tuesday, we decided to partake in true Hungarian tradition and go to one of their famous spas. It was by far the best decision we have ever made. It was amazing, and we literally spent the entire day there. Unfortunately, we were so relaxed that we managed to completely space out and not take a single picture of the spa. So here's a sneak peak.

After our relaxing day, we had a long cold walk back to our apartment, but we managed to make a quick stop at Heroes Square.

Our quick trip to Budapest was amazing, on Wednesday we took off to Prague!


Super Bowl Sunday: UK Style

I celebrated my first Super Bowl Sunday abroad. It was definitely an experience. My housemates put together a Super Bowl party, set with burgers, hot dogs, nachos and "American" snacks. We had a great time, although we did have to miss the infamous Super Bowl commercials during the game. A little disappointing. We did get everyone worked up about the game though, and had a lot of fun. Even though we did have to stay up till 4 am for the game to end, screw you time difference! 

I have a week off school next week, and I am headed off too Prague and Budapest! 


Hipstamatic prints

I snapped a couple of pictures with my hipstamatic camera!

Diego Rivera


Andy Warhol