I LOVE my new job!! 
I started my new job this week as an America Reads tutor and I'm already in love with it. My kids are two beautiful little girls that are so amazing! I'm also realizing how hard it is to be a teacher, oh my! 

School, well it's a work in progress. 

Sorry my life is so boring lol.

That's it for this week.



My oh my, what a good weekend!
Even though my boyfriend decided to take me indoor paintballing and have guys shoot at me, it was an amazing weekend :)
I had a blast paintbaliing and I even ended up with a sick battle wound. 
Plus, I got a beautiful ring!

Oh, and I now have about 30 new books added to my collection! 
And tomorrow, I start my new job! Excited/nervous! 


In Love

Toni Morrison, I idolize you.
Your work is AMAZING!
You make my ENG 364 class heaven, thank you!!

Valentines Weekend

I could not be more excited about this weekend! Not only is it valentines day but the VNSA book sale in Phoenix is this week! I look forward to this weekend more than my own birthday! or even Christmas! 

After this weekend my book collection will have grown immensely. 

Oh and I started shooting again, it's been forever! But my only condition is that I am only shooting film. I'm going to break in my new Diana F+ that I got for Christmas :) I'm pretty excited to start making weekly trips to Tempe Camera again, and now I'm only down the street from it! 


When I Grow Up

I just recently started following Champagne bubbles. Love her blog!
Anyways she started this "When I grow up" phenomenon. So I decided to make my own list! 
Being 18 doesn't mean squat! I still have so much further to go.

When I Grow Up....
* I want to help someone enough to make an impact in their life
* I want to tell my mom how much I love her and look up to her
* I want to get married to a wonderful man and have a family
* I want to read TONS and TONS of books
* I want to start my own charity
* I want to travel! 
* I want to share the power of literature with the world!
* I want to go study abroad for a semester
* I want to live a life worthy of remembrance
* I want to find the truth