This has been one of the most exhausting weekends of my life. I worked a straight 28 hour shift Friday-Saturday.....but believe it or not, I loved every minute of it. My internship has been one of the coolest things I've ever done and I am learning some great things. Even though I sometimes work insane hours, I know that I am getting some of the best work experience out there. 

Luckily, I had this guy nurture me back to sanity, the poor kid had to hang out with me after 41 hours of no sleep.... I was quite delusional to say the least. 

Unfortunately, I don't get the day off today.... So even though more sleep would be greatly appreciated, I have to go to work :( 


Lovey Dovey

It's not my style to post lovey dovey stuff on this blog. But when a sweet boy surprises you with a candle lit dinner under the stars, I tend to forget why in the world I don't post these things! I wish I had a camera with me to document the awesome set up, but leave it to me to forget. Nevertheless, our candle lit Pita Jungle (my fav) dinner was the best. Thanks to everyone that helped my boy set everything up, you guys rock!



Work has consumed my life. Every. last. second. of. it. 

You will find me either passed out on the couch during my spare time, or smiling my life away with a certain someone. 

Life is fantastic right now. 



I'm alive! Just far too busy working to do anything with this blog! I'm sorry!

I'm putting in 60 hour weeks, and on the spare free hours I get, I've been spending them with good company!

I'll keep you posted, hope you guys are all having a great week!