Thankful Journal #2

Thankful Journal #2
Today I am thankful for...

1. Google translator. It makes me feel super multilingual. And has been extremely helpful in translating this guy's letters for the past two years. 

2. To-Go packets of oatmeal. You have saved my starving self this week since I've been too lazy to wake up on time to make breakfast. 

3. The Blue Bunny guys that restocked our Blue Bunny ice cream freezer at work today. (Yes, we get all you can eat free Blue Bunny at work, hollaaa) 

4. The nice guy that flipped me off this morning because I cut you off. Well, I did cut you off, so I might have deserved that one.... I thank you for the nice chuckle you gave me tho, as I watched you so furiously scream at me. 

5. The mail room lady at work. We had a great chuckle today when I stood too close to the fan and all 50 page protectors I was holding took flight. Thanks for not making me feel like an idiot mail lady, it was a rough day.

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